Ministry of Hospitality: Ushers

Ministry of Hospitality

As an Usher, you will perform a very important service for the members of our community who come to celebrate the Liturgy. Your ministry is to greet those entering our Church, ushering late-comers to pews, collection at the Offertory, and arranging for gift-bearers, with the cross-bearer, for the Presentation of the Gifts.

What you do and how well you do it will help people to feel a sense of welcoming and belonging when they come to church. This Ministry helps all who enter St. Catherine Church grow in their love of God and help them in their participation at the Liturgy.

Special Skills
Friendly and welcoming disposition. A smile! Ability to direct parishioners to the space in pews, and politely guide parishioners to make room for others, in a quiet way, as to not distract people from prayer.

Also, ability to take up the collection in a timely manner after the Gifts have been brought up.

To reliably come to Mass early enough to greet parishioners, and choose those who would bring up the Gifts.

Ushers are especially needed since presently there are too few for the numbers of parishioners each Saturday and Sunday. More are necessary to allow ushers to have some weekends per month that they are not serving.

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