Advent Giving Tree 2012

December 9, 2012

the Knights of Malta Mobile House of Care and Simsbury Neighbors in Need are the two charities we are supporting this Advent-into-Christmas season.

Simsbury Neighbors in Need may be our parents, our neighbors down the lane, or even our fellow parishioners who are finding it difficult to manage their household budgets due to the skyrocketing costs of fuel, medicine and food. In combination with our very own Pantry Partners of Saint Catherine of Siena, which provides monthly food baskets to a growing list each month, created by SavMore Market of Bloomfield and through the generosity of the Marandino family, we are able to offer a selection of meats and poultry, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and much needed staples to support local families with help for their food budgets.

Each month, I receive cards and phone calls, especially from senior citizens, who are so grateful for your donations, enabling those on tight or fixed incomes to remain independent and well-fed. Additionally, working with our town partners through the Selectman’s Office and Simsbury Social Services we will be helping residents and senior citizens at the local CVS Pharmacy, helping to cover the costs associated with co-payments for medicine. We are able to purchase Script Cards from our parish to assist those in need as well as add some money to our parish Be-nevolent Fund, which can then assist those who might have difficulty paying part of their electric or heat bills during the winter months or even help with auto repairs so that they can continue to work and care for their families.

I want to thank you in advance for your Christian charity and virtue, for your care and concern for both local neighbors and for those you will never meet. In your kindnesses, Christ is seen and felt by those who are less fortunate. May God bless you for all that you do!

The Malta Mobile House of Care brings diagnostic and follow-up health care to those in need in the Greater Hartford area: from the immigrant with nothing to those who find themselves without insurance coverage due to unemployment or the economic crises in our nation. In combination with your financial donations, volunteers in the healthcare field—doctors, nurses, nutritionists, therapists and more—offer their gifts to care for those who have nowhere else to turn.

This ministry is amazing. Not only do they provide diagnostic exams and follow-up medicine for diabetics, those with hypertension, as well as mammo-grams, CT Scans, MRIs, even surgeries are offered through a network of doctors willing to take on pro bono dignified work. Along with services to the individual in need—making them feel like human beings—the Malta Mobile Care Van (2006-2012) has saved local hospitals in the Hartford area more than $23 million in costs that would have been in-curred if the uninsured let their conditions spiral out of con-trol, necessitating ER treatments and hospitalizations.

It is powerful to see what can be accomplished when we all work together in the name of Christ. Our Catholic Church continues to be second only to the government in providing care to those in need. Let’s pray that this never changes due to the impending health care mandate (HHS).

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